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Přenosná napájecí stanice Allpowers S2000 PRO AP-SS-009-BLA-PRO

Kód: 041705
Značka: Allpowers
19 618 Kč
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Portable Power Station Allpowers S2000 PRO AP-SS-009-BLA-PRO Get uninterrupted access to power no matter where you are. The portable power station will allow you to save on electricity bills and store energy for emergencies.

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Portable Power Station Allpowers S2000 PRO AP-SS-009-BLA-PRO

Get uninterrupted access to power no matter where you are. The portable power station will allow you to save on electricity bills and store energy for emergencies. The Allpowers S2000 Pro Portable Power Station is distinguished by its 1500 Wh capacity and offers up to 2500 charging cycles. Thanks to its multiple ports, it allows you to connect as many as 12 devices simultaneously. What's more, it works with all kinds of household appliances, drones, etc. It will even charge an electric car and an RV. You can also connect solar panels to it to use renewable energy sources.


Reliable source of energy

Be prepared for power failures with the Allpowers S2000 Pro. The portable power station stands out for its quiet operation and features a lithium-ion battery with NCM cells and 1500 Wh capacity. This translates into more than 2,500 cycles (80% charge) and up to 10 years of use. In turn, the advanced battery management system (BMS) monitors the operation of the device protecting it from damage.


Wide compatibility

The Allpowers S2000 Pro Portable Power Station offers ports such as x4 AC (2400 W), x2 USB-C (PD 100 W), x4 USB-A, x1 cigarette lighter socket and x1 RV. As a result, you'll connect it to up to 12 devices simultaneously. It is compatible with all kinds of equipment, so you will use it in many situations. You will use it to power your hair dryer, lights, induction stove, microwave, coffee maker or travel refrigerator. What's more, it will charge a drone about 20 times or an electric car, allowing you to drive about 12-14 kilometers.


Convenient charging

You can charge the Allpowers S2000 Pro portable charging station in several ways. By connecting the product to a power outlet (1500 W max), using an AC cable (included), charging will take about 1.5h. In addition, you will also renew the energy of the Allpowers S2000 Pro while traveling by plugging it into a 12/24V car charger socket. You can also use a generator to charge the station. Choose the right way for you.


Take advantage of the power of the sun's rays

The Allpowers S2000 Pro is compatible with solar panels, for this you need to connect them to the station's XT60 port. Thanks to the use of 650 watts of max power, you will charge your device in about 3 hours. You can also connect the station to a power outlet and solar panels at the same time, gaining a total power of 900 W - then charging will take only 1.6 h.


Will allow you to charge your camper

Do you often travel by camper? If so, the Allpowers S2000 Pro will come in handy for you. The portable power station is equipped with a special port designed to charge your camper. Thanks to the use of 30A current, you will renew your vehicle's energy without any problems. This makes the S2000 Pro ideal not only for powering most household appliances, but also RVs.


Safety of use

The Allpowers S2000 Pro portable power station is designed to make it completely safe to use. The product uses a UPS system, which is responsible for stable access to power for appliances during power failures and protects them from overcurrent. It will work well for refrigerators, computers or game consoles. What's more, the station has protection against overheating, under-temperature, over-discharge, short-circuit, overcharging, etc. So you can use it safely and be sure that it will serve you for a long time.


Remote control

For even more convenience, you can control the portable power station from the app. You pair it with the station via Bluetooth, which provides a stable connection of up to 10 meters. From it, you can control the battery level, turn the S2000 Pro's power on/off or adjust settings.


LCD display

The product is equipped with an LCD display that will provide you with the most important information about the station's operation. From its level you will read the battery level, input and output power, warning of overheating, overcharging, etc. As a result, you have access to the most important information at your fingertips.



  • portable power station
  • AC cable
Manufacturer Allpowers
Model S2000 Pro
Battery NCM lithium-ion
Battery Capacity 1500 Wh / 405405 mAh
Number of cycles 2500 (80%)
Dimensions 375 × 245 × 250 mm
Weight 14.5 kg
Application Yes

AC 1500 W 220-240V

Solar MPPT input 18-70V, 18 A 650 W Max.


x4 AC 2400 W (peak power 4000 W)

x1 car lighter socket 13V / 10A

USB1/USB2, USB3/USB4: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A

USB1+USB3/USB2+USB4: 5V/2.4A + 5V/2.4A

x2 USB-C: 5-20V/5A (PD 100W Max)

RV: 220-240V 30A Max.

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Kategorie: Powerbanky
Záruka: 2 roky

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